The Stone Stoup Project


Year Two

After the June 2012 Art of Hosting (AoH) retreat, Community of Practice (CoP) members deepened their efforts to work together to create sustainable RJ in the south suburbs. Priorities this year included growing the CoP, expanding the capacity of the Core Team, continuing to spread awareness around Restorative Justice and expanding the Project into specific communities.

What emerged from the first year guided us into focusing on three core functions for the Project. Following are the core functions, which fit into our already existing engagement strategy map- the 6th Breaths.

Core Functions:

Develop Capacity: Expand and strengthen capacity of stakeholders to apply RJ and Art of Hosting practices; support learning and adaptation for long-term sustainability.

Foster Connections/Collaborations: Strengthen and expand an infrastructure so that RJ practitioners and champions can connect, communicate, and collaborate to expand RJ throughout the 6th district.

Convene Conversations: Continue public awareness efforts to engage more stakeholders across the 6th district; host CoP gatherings to deepen RJ efforts and capacity to hold effort long-term.

The Stone Soup Project gatherings and events were designed in response to these core functions. We held Core Team and CoP meetings as well as a RJ Marketplace and an informational Circle meeting in Calumet City. These events expanded and deepened the capacity of the CoP and created the fertile ground for a Calumet City core team to emerge with a focus on bringing Restorative Justice into their community. Simultaneously, the expansion of awareness and support for restorative justice practices in the south suburbs through the Stone Soup Project resulted in expanded and new endeavors like a RJ certificate program at Governors State University, new partnerships with schools and school districts, a youth summit, Project representation at many RJ events including, expansion of our social media and online communication resources and much more.