The Stone Stoup Project


Year One

Year One began with the award of the grant and ended with the formation of Stone Soup Community of Practice and three core functions of the project. During this year, there were two phases. Phase One, referred to as the Core Team Engagement and Project Conceptualization Phase, occurred over the first six months and included Steps 1-3. Phase Two, referred to as the Broad Community Engagement Phase, took place during the second half of the year and included Steps 4-5. Step 6 is a continual step that encompassed the entire year and will continue into Year Two and beyond.

Phase One: Core Team Engagement and Project Conceptualization

Step 1: Inquire – IBARJP partnered with the South Suburban Restorative Justice Coalition (SSRJC) and other restorative justice practitioners in the south suburbs to become part of a Stone Soup Core Team that would help design and hold the effort long-term.

Step 2: Clarify – Core Team used an AoH tool called the Chaordic Stepping Stones to clarify the project’s purpose and to inform the design of the overall engagement process.

Step 3: Invite – Core Team members developed a calling question for the project; “How can we build on our collective strengths to create a restorative community?”, developed an invitation for the informational gathering, and engaged in a widespread effort to invite all who live and work in the 6th Municipal district.

Phase Two: Broad Community Engagement

Step 4: Meet – Core Team members convened a series of events to broadly and inclusively invite those who live and work in the south suburbs to join the project (see the Phase Two events listed below).

Step 5: Act – A diverse and growing community of practitioners self-identified themselves as eager and willing project partners and the Core Team began planning for Year Two.

Throughout Year One and Ongoing

Step 6: Hold the Whole – The Core Team continues to nurture the project purpose, be responsive to emergent opportunities and needs, and develop their capacity to hold the vision and project long-term.

During Phase Two, members of the Community of Practice – anyone voluntarily aligning themselves with the project – are sharing their knowledge and skills as they support each other in their various RJ efforts with the help of IBARJ and the Core Team. Ultimately, the community of practice will carry on the work they have helped to co-create, resulting in truly widespread, sustainable change.

To learn more about Year 1, click here to access meeting Harvests (notes) and the Year 1 report written by IBARJ.